Buy property :

As they say – “the only bad time to purchase a property is LATER”, if you are not going to invest you are going to make no profits. Real estate investing even with a less amount of investment is a tried and true way of increasing the cash flow and making wealth.
If you are searching day and night from past many days an ideal real estate accord for your business or residential intention, we at Tara Estates make each and every peculiar effort to acquire the finest for you. Our high profile real estate agents and brokers are investments specialists having keen insights into revealing what are the pros and cons of a property in particular location. With their pedestal insights they will make their best efforts to dig up for you the most appropriate deal for your desires.

Sell property :

Your hard efforts to market your brand, capture the leads and sell your property can be made to reach to its ultimate climax with Tara Estates Pvt. Ltd. Our agents work day and night to help consumers who are looking for ideal property deals to reach to their sellers in the shortest possible time. We gather local market information to get answers to their burning questions by way of our website so that without any waste of time, money and efforts we can boost credibility to your deal.

Lease / Rent property :

In the first place, comes seeking the right professional advice from experts. Our Team of Brokers and agents at Tara Estates Pvt. Ltd., make sure to propose highly professional rally round to our clients who are gazing ahead to rent or to lease their property with us. We help the property owners or the landlords in figuring out the potential tenants for their property and make the process of renting an easier task. We then take a step forward in making the right use of technology to completely reinvent the way you manage your property posts online. We help you get connected to the potential tenants to help you communicate with them.

Bungalows :

Living simply is not enough, one must have little sunshine, little silence and a little Flower and what else than owing a Bungalow can offer this all to you? We bring to you a list of Bungalows for purchase in posh colonies of the city to get you the best out of your money. Living in a bungalow is a dream come true for many and we can make it possible only for our clients. Carrying certain standard surveys and procedures, we ensure that the property you invest into is ideal to your desires and meets your specific requirements of accessibility.

Collaborations :

By offering the collaboration Deals to the owners and builders, Tara Estates Pvt. Ltd. offers superb services as realtors. Collaboration is a deal or contract between the plot or land owner and a builder to demolish the existing building structure and reconstruct it for a better residential or commercial use. It is an ideal option in case where the owner wants to have a newly constructed building with a better structure but lacks the necessary financial funds, construction experience and thus approach to a builder.
The insights and experience of a builder in constructing and developing a real estate unit helps in coming up with a profitable investment project. In return for this, a builder keeps his share of floors from the collaboration and hands over the other floors to the plot owner once its construction is completed. Tara Estates Pvt. Ltd. helps you to get good deal for collaborations as well.

Farm House :

There are plenteous reasons to buy or rent a farm house. A farm house connotes peace and simplicity thereby offering a rejuvenating place to unwind all stress. Besides this, the farm houses can be the source of an additional income as well if you offer it on lease other such functions. There are many farm house owners offering their space as rooms for vacations. Owing to their peaceful localities and wonderful architectural structure, these farm houses are good options for a short period get away as well. As far as the investment view point is concerned, such investments are bound to grow. One can buy a farm house to serve as retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.
At Tara Estates Pvt. Ltd., you can find amazingly good deals of farm houses. We here deal in beautiful villas having grand rooms, luxury style living, swimming pools, tennis court, power backup, security systems, manicured lawns and much more. Our intellectual brokers and agents can help you in getting the best possible deal for a farm house within your estimated budget. These landscaped trees. We have many good deals in southern part of Delhi city. We have such houses in Vasant Kunj, DLF Chattarpur, MB Road, Asola, Westend Green & Pushpanjali near Airport.

Corporate and retail leasing :

We at Tara real estate offer property consultancy services to multinational and Indian companies to set up their unit. We tend to reduce your burden of legal formalities of realty transactions by getting it done on time to ensure an unperturbed service. In context to retail leasing, we ensure profitability to our clients through brand enhancement. This helps us in upholding a triumphant state of affairs with all our parties who area part of the transaction. Also we ensure an efficient scope of negotiation for the clients due to our link ups with Top realty developers and builder groups.

Investment advisory :

For both the commercial and residential investors whether domestic or international, making real estate investments is a great source of high returns in less tenure. However, due to rapid changes in market environment, investing in a right proposal and managing the same can be a little intimidating. We offer advisory services to our clients about the new ventures having potentially high returns, ventures with assured appreciation of money, expanding opportunities for investments and the emerging new locations.

Land acquisition :

Due to varying laws in every state of country India and the different land uses, there are enormous difficulties in the process of land acquisition here. Owing to the population density, the changing government laws and regulations, fluctuating property rates and stiffness of the owners pose even more challenges in acquiring the land. We at Tara real estate help you in acquiring the land, making the deals, finalizing it, handling the negotiations and fulfilling the legalities with due diligence.

Loan assistance :

We help our clients get the property loans easily by helping them get a good broker involved in the transactions.

Research and valuation of property :

It is important to evaluate a property before making investments into it. A thorough research and analysis is to be done regarding its previous growth and future growth prospects. The various technical features such as location, tenure, architectural structure, area rates, floor plate and other such have to be evaluated well to appraise a real estate accurately.